Link analysis technology and website ranking

First, there are two points to emphasize:

1) The meaning of link analysis technology is much broader than Google Page Rank. Because of Google’s aura and the promotion of PR, many people look at the abnormality of PR, thinking that PR is the main content of link analysis. In fact, search engines have a much wider analysis of links.

2) Link analysis includes import links and export links. I will only talk about importing links below, and I will have time to talk about exporting links later. However, it must be made clear that appropriate export links to authoritative websites help the website to rank, unlike many people who believe that exporting links will reduce the PR of this page, thus reducing the page rank.

Search engine analysis of imported links is likely to include the following:

  • Number of imported links
  • Import the importance of the link itself, which is the importance of the link to your page itself
  • (These two points also formed Google PR, but these latter factors are not directly related to PR.)
  • Backlink increase speed
  • The content topic of the website itself where the backlink is located
  • Is the content of the page where the backlink is related?
  • Backlink link anchor text
  • Backlink text around the anchor text before and after
  • Link to the location of the page
  • The age of the domain name where the backlink is located
  • Has the domain name of the backlink ever changed hands?
  • The date on which the backlink is located for the first time
  • Has the content of the page on the backlink changed? What kind of change?
  • When is the backlink first appearing on the page?
  • Has the link text ever changed? What is the change?
  • What other sites are linked to on the page where the backlinks are located? Are these other website content relevant? The quality of how?
  • Is there a suspected backlink link? For example, from forum signatures, blogs and other places.
  • Link click rate
  • How long does the user stay on your site after clicking the link?

These are just what I think of now, and there are definitely other factors that the search engine will consider linking.

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