Optimization of internal links (links within the site)

External links are not well controlled in most cases, and it takes a long time to accumulate, and the internal links are completely under their control. Below are a few examples of optimizing the links within the site.

Create a site map

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to build a complete sitemap for your site. At the same time, the link of the website map is placed on the homepage, so that the search engine can easily find and crawl all the webpages.

There are quite a few CMS systems that do not automatically generate site maps and may need to add some plug-ins. For large websites, you can divide the website map into several files, and don’t put too many pages in each file.

Each page is up to four times from the home page

For a small and medium-sized website, make sure that you can reach any web page within four clicks from the homepage. Of course, if it is better within three clicks, twice is better. This should not be a big problem with the use of site maps.

You can calculate that there are at least a few million pages in four clicks, so it should be applicable to general websites.

Try to use text navigation

The navigation system of the website is best to use text links. Some websites like to use pictures or JS drop-down menus, etc., but the best SEO effect is the text link, so that the search engine can smoothly crawl, and understand the specific content of these column pages through the link text.

If you have to use images or JS for aesthetic purposes, at least at the bottom of the site or in the site map should have text links for all columns.

Link text

The link text in the site navigation should accurately describe the content of the column. Naturally, there will be keywords in the link text, but don’t pile up keywords here.

When referring to other web content in the body of a web page, it is natural to use keywords to link to other web pages. The keywords in the backlinks are also one of the important factors in ranking, and they have complete control in their own stations.

Whole station PR transfer and flow

As long as there is a good overall structure of the website, the PR delivery of the entire website should be very uniform, with the highest page, the second page, and the content page again.

However, sometimes the link of the webpage can affect the transmission of PR and importance, so that the PR value and importance of a certain page or pages are raised. These pages are also the pages that you want to push.

Web links to each other

I have said the tree structure of the website before, but it should be noted that this tree structure does not mean that there is no link between the article pages under each column. On the contrary, links to other pages should be linked in different columns. . The structure of the entire site looks more like a spider web, with both the main thread and the appropriate links between the pages.

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